The ‘Art’ of Giving

Radical Acts of Community Kindness

Making Art and Making a Difference

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Want to have an amazing weekend of art making, learning many exciting mixed media processes with a fantastic group of people AND make a personal difference in peoples lives?

In this amazing weekend we will spend the first day learning hands on about mixed media processes and create 5-8 small (7.5 x 7.5”) works of art. Our intention throughout the day is to allow words and images to come through that express beauty, positivity, and thoughtfulness. We look for ways to use our materials to create affirmative messages that are encouraging, uplifting, joyful, hopeful and loving.

On day two we meet to re-visit the sweet little jewels we created the day before and choose one or maybe two to keep for ourselves. The ones that speak to a deeper part of ourselves. The rest of the work will be lovingly wrapped and secretly dispersed into various areas of the community you live in! We will leave these precious little pieces of love and hope for others to find in secret (but not too secret!) places with the simple message “free art” knowing that the right person will find the piece they need most. We’ll spend the second morning preparing our sacred gifts to go out in the world with an identifying number and anonymous email on the back. After lunch we set out in teams of two to assigned areas and casually disperse our love bombs.

Back at the studio we gather one last time for a few snacks and toast the weekend of “making love”, giving thanks for the joy and privilege of raising up the power of peace, and giving, just a little higher.