Painting Into Spirit

The Brush and The Breath

Connecting to The Beloved through Pure Process Painting and Mindfulness Meditation

– A Life Practice of Enchantment-

This workshop combines two gentle but powerful processes in which to discover and connect to, our larger selves and to each other.

This four and a half day creative adventure brings together the process of Free Expression Painting, the dynamic concepts and experience of core creativity, with the contemplative practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

The cross over and similarities share by these two practices becomes apparent within the space of the workshop as each practice deepens and strengthens our understanding of the other. In Free Expression Painting our touchstone is the brush. Gently over and over again we let go of judgment and voices of fear and come back to the moment we are in, back to the now, back to the simplicity and sensuality of the creative moment, back to the brush, in paint, on paper. In sitting practice we bring ourselves back to the breath, and back to our awareness of our “self” within the body. Grounded in our breath, grounded in the body, grounded in the present moment, we find doors opening to a larger creative experience and transformational understanding of who and what we really are.

In sitting practice we discover the power of the mind to distract us from the present moment, from being fully present in our lives and within our creative process. We learn as well the powerful and peaceful experience of moments of stillness, moments where the minds noise stops, thinking stops and we are one with the breath, one with the brush.

As in the Free Expression Painting workshop the first evening is spent getting to know each other and taking part in various laughter inducing activities to help us come to and initial understanding of this painting process, and beginning meditation instruction for everyone. With that very important grounding we move in to the next four and a half days. We begin each day with a check in session and then a half hour meditation. We move slowly from guided meditation practice to silent sitting time as the class progresses. Questions, concerns and dialogue are always encouraged at the end of each session. Then we move into the morning painting, followed by an hour for lunch. After a brief afternoon check in we again move into our sitting practice and then flow naturally back to the creative energy of paint on paper.

Most of the materials you’ll need are provided for a small materials fee. We use very simple materials and there is an unlimited supply for everyone! This will encourage you to play freely and find your inner core of creative joy without concern for the cost of materials.

As with Free Expression Painting there is no critique and no judgment of your work, only feed back and gentle help moving forward from me, when YOU feel you need it. Your painting space is yours alone and no one will ever see your work but me. Your creative journey is allowed to flow freely, sacred and respected in this space.

All retreats are held at my home and studio on beautiful Gabriola Island, BC.


Please Register Early – Class is Held only Twice a Year and is Limited to 8 Participants only.