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Workshop Overview

Painting Into Spirit

This workshop combines two gentle but powerful processes in which to discover and connect to, our larger selves and to each other. This four day creative adventure brings together the process of Free Expression Painting, the dynamic concepts and experience of core creativity, with the contemplative practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Learn More

Free Expression Painting

Authentic Creativity is an absolute necessity for human wellness. It has many modalities and there are many paths to choose from in terms of one’s own individual “expression” in the world. Free Expression Painting is simply one way of approaching one’s own unique creative voice and learning to trust the transformational power of the creative process. Learn More

Introduction to Free Expression Painting
A One Day Intensive

This is a delicious taste of the full experience of a powerful three or four day Free Expression Painting workshop. Learn all of the basics of free expression painting aided by a morning group art activity that will move us quickly through nervousness to fun and play and super charged creativity!

One Day Free Expression Painting Refresher Day Retreat

Looking for a FEP refresher and a beautiful relaxing day of painting and sharing with others? After a short morning of instruction and sharing to remind us of the basic precepts of this powerful and joyful process, this is a full day in the studio with all the beautiful paint and paper you can use. A wonderful, restful day to get you out of your head and back into your heart home.

Create Your Own Peacework

In the Peace Works workshop students learn many art-making skills including gesso, under/over painting, crackling, sanding and staining to create an aged veneer, as well as stenciling. Each student will take home a genuine jewel of Hornby Island “Peace Work”, 6″ x 7″, in the color of their choice with or with out sparkles! Learn More

Wine, Women and Paint Creative Day Retreat

​Spend a ALL day in the studio with Caroline working on a large beautiful professionally crafted hollow cradle, creating the design of your choice, being served a beautiful gourmet vegetarian lunch​,​ while sipping some delicious local vino​ (or two)...​,…J… Learn More 

Friends & Family Big Abstract Painting

Create a LARGE and beautiful abstract painting with a group of friends, colleagues, or family! Using gorgeous color and simple brushes, and spontaneous writing, you will collaborate with all participants to create a unique image that reflects the character and energy, and unique creativity of all the individuals in the group. Learn More 

Couples Art Making Day Retreat with Caroline

This is a wonderful, restful entire day of creativity and peace, a beautiful lunch and a little wine if you like, just for the two of you! Bring someone you care about to the studio. For couples, BFF’s, Mom and Daughter Day, any two will do! Learn More 

Radical Acts of Community Kindness: Making Art and Making a Difference

Want to have an amazing weekend of art making, learning many exciting mixed media processes with a fantastic group of people AND make a personal difference in peoples lives?

In this incredible weekend we will learn many mixed media process and then put them to powerful use adding to the energy of hope, love, peace and kindness in the world. A fantastic experience! Learn More