Meaningful Mixed Media

Creating peace for kids, families, and grown-ups too

4 hour (1/2 day) workshop working on solid spruce block – 95.00
7 hour (full day) workshop working on professional hollow spruce cradle – 145.00

A SUPER FUN! morning or afternoon of learning all kinds of different art techniques and secrets to create your own personally meaningful piece of art!

This is for Kids, Families and BFF’s or Grown Ups of all varieties!

Working in a 6 x 7” spruce block you will take your artwork from raw wood to a beautiful, high gloss shining piece of art that will be both beautiful and personally meaningful to you.

Using stenciling and sanding techniques we’ll work slowly through the processes one at a time, building on each step to create a lovely aged veneer. You’ll learn about using acrylic paints and mixing colours, oil staining too! Adult groups will also learn to mix and pour a gorgeous resin coat to complete your piece with a stunning high gloss finish.